Honest Christianity – a vision of what?

st johns deacs 2

This morning Sally and I were at Birmingham cathedral for a deaconing ordinations, she was robed sitting behind the choir and I was in the congregation amusing a couple of people with my shirt!

Bishop Andrew in his sermon encouraged the newly ordained about the importance of having a vision. Nothing new there then, but what I liked was how Bishop Andrew insisted that any vision worth having had to be based on our vision of God.  Now if I have heard this link before, I do not recall and it struck me that this would not be true of all my visions in the past and how it is an additional test for any new bright idea I might have.  I see how this should be an essential foundation – understanding what God is like and what God wants for the world should direct the vision I have for the work I am involved in.

A gracious, compassionate God whose kingdom is one of shalom, justice for individuals and society should drive and direct what I aim for and how I seek to do it.

So, back to the drawing board…



One thought on “Honest Christianity – a vision of what?

  1. Very thought provoking…I know that I can sometimes get carried away with bright ideas that I can maybe convince myself are from God. I think in future ministry I need to spend more time praying/listening to God and less time doing in order for my vision to be directed from God.

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