Honest Christianity – what can you say?


This week my Mum died. She had been poorly for a while and was suddenly diagnosed with leukaemia after routine blood tests in hospital for breathing related problems. She died 10
days later. What can you think, do or say to make sense of what has happened?

My family and friends have been wonderful in their support. In the midst of our grief I have reflected on what folks have said and done and particularly in relation to what I have done in a pastoral or teaching situation. The words that have been supportive and helpful have been “Paul, I am so sorry to hear your news”, “Paul , I am so sorry for your loss”, “I am
praying for you and your family”. People have left messages or cards, what else can be said, not much I think. Most of these people have never met my mum and one or two people
who responded on Facebook have not me either. The compassion of friends, acquaintances and strangers has been something I will remember for a long time.

I can honestly say that I have felt sustained in prayer and that has been a real blessing as I have been grieving and preparing for the funeral. I am full of gratitude for each person who has taken time to pray, contact me or post on social media. Sally keeps trying to tell me Facebook is a good thing!

The other blessing for me is to be on the receiving end of support from hospital chaplains and experience being on the other side for once, they have been a great comfort to us.  One of them is helping with the funeral

I love this picture of Mum, she was always game to try new things and I want to grow old doing that !!

I would be grateful for prayers on Wednesday 16th July at 3pm for the funeral.



2 thoughts on “Honest Christianity – what can you say?

  1. You’ve got an assurance of our prayers Paul. What a lovely photo & a great legacy & model she has given you for being willing to try new things…..and what a great man she gave birth to!

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss Paul. I don’t think words can express what it is like to loose your Mum. I know when my Mum died I felt a sense of relief that she was no longer suffering and celebration that she was in heaven but that didn’t take away the enormous loss of one of the most important people in my life. 6 1/2 years on I still have so much to praise God for and so many happy memories but they don’t take away the pain, the not being able to hug her, text, chat, simply know that she is there for me full of her unconditional love. So many hopes and dreams taken…the thought of being there for her as she grew old wiped away.

    I love the photo you shared. A photo that shows a fun loving person living life to the full. But most importantly a photo that shows a Mum, your Mum…someone that only you (and God!) know how truly remarkable she was…a Mum who gave birth to a wonderful son who has and continues to touch so many peoples life’s. I am sure she was very proud of you jut like you are of her.

    You and your family are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Lucy xx

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