Wondering Wednesdays – if a picture…


As David Gates evocatively sings, “if a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you? The words will never show, the you I’ve come to know.” This line is particularly poignant today as Paul’s Mum Jean’s funeral take place.  How can you in 4o minutes or so, honour a person’s 74 years?  As I write this Paul will be working on the tribute – in a few minutes he needs to try and represent the 50something years he and his sister had with his Mum.  The picture we shared on Sunday gives a little flavour of Jean and this will be on the cover of the order of service.  There will be a range of images shown on the screen, words spoken and songs played.  Each of these will give a snapshot of Jean and many of those at the funeral will have their own memories of her.  I hear her sometimes when Paul speaks – a turn of phrase, the Essex accent.  The picture will probably change over the years as family and friends continue to talk about her and perhaps new insights will emerge as the jigsaw puzzle that is our life is seen in more detail with perhaps missing bits being found and put into place.  RIP Jean Lewis.


If  David Gates  Sony ATV Music Publishing


One thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – if a picture…

  1. I hope and pray that your Mum’s service went as well as possible Paul and that it was able to be a time of thanksgiving and a tribute to the wonderful person she was. However long or short a persons life I think it is impossible to paint a full picture of them in a service. I am sure only God can do that. I expect everyone had their own memories though and I hope that you were able to share what felt ‘right’ about the years you and your sister had with your Mum and to draw some comfort from those around you.

    You all remain in my prayers at this very difficult time.

    God Bless
    Lucy xx

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