Friday photos – consider the lilies


When Pau’s Mum Jean moved from her house to a flat she no longer had a garden so we inherited two pots.  They arrived in the winter looking like there was not much in them but this summer have blossomed.  In one was a beautiful, big, bold fuschia and lilies like this were in the other one.  Beautiful reminders of a woman who came through adversity and blossomed.  The end of the passage about lilies (Luke 12.27-29) talks about not worrying and in this post funeral period we are trusting God to hold, sustain and keep us knowing that there will be days of grief but there will also be days of beautiful memories, like this lily evokes.

In a blog called marker posts and shelters it is difficult not to write about what is a significant marker post, the death of a parent.  We pray too for any who have had memories stirred by the posts, that God would comfort you too.


One thought on “Friday photos – consider the lilies

  1. I think it was totally right that you wrote and continue to write about Jean…a mum is a very important person and most definitely one of our marker posts and shelters. My prayers are with you both in this post funeral period. I pray that you will have many beautiful days of memories just like the flowers you inherited and I am sure that much of Jean lives on within you.

    Thank you for this post and your thoughtfulness of remembering others in your own time of grief. The news of Jeans death reminded me of the fragility of life, particularly as it came during a week my Dad was told his leukemia had got worse. Sometimes life simply doesn’t seem to make sense and like you said in a previous post, there are no words. All I can do is entrust the future into God’s hands, praying for his healing power on each of our life’s as we seek to live a life of worship..

    Lucy xx


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