Honest Christianity – tears and laughter – a bit of both!

Mum lemon

My Mum’s funeral, on Wednesday, went as well as it could, much laughter and tears. Lots of Mum’s old friends came and she was grieved for and we celebrated her life together. I held my tribute together as well as I expected, some blubbing, much laughter!! It was nice to have a chaplain in my ilk to do the funeral!!

In keeping with my Mum, the only thing that did not work properly was the synch of the photos to the song. The photos continued as the chaplain went in to the solemn committal – and a picture of Mum with a lemon quarter as a teeth guard appeared! Congregation laughing, minister, no idea why!!  For some people this might have been a bit irreverent and taken away from the dignity of the funeral.  For us as a family, this was the type of thing Mum would have loved and wanted to have happened, she was full of fun and laughter and that is a great final memory to take away.  For me being honest about my faith and the questions all of us have around death must mean that there are tears at the loss, but laughter too.  These are the sorts of things I talk about when I take funerals and I was pleased that for a funeral so precious to me those elements were present.

Again thank you for prayers, Sally and I have felt supported and sustained by them.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – tears and laughter – a bit of both!

  1. What a lovely memory to have Paul. That’s a great photo. I bet the minister wondered what had happened but I am sure your Mum would have been laughing with you in the same way my Mum would have loved that sort of thing! So glad that you were able to celebrate your Mum’s life with family and friends. Well done with your tribute.

    Continuing to pray for you, Sally and your family at this time of immense loss.

    Lucy xx

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