Friday photo – solidarity


I had seen this symbol appearing on Twitter and Facebook and had no idea what it was about – I perhaps thought it was regarding Gaza as that was frequently being commented on in my timeline.  However, Martin Saunders posted a tweet yesterday morning encouraging people to change their Twitter icon  to this and I discovered it was to represent solidarity with the persecuted Christians in Mosul.

The article explains: There is a mass exodus of Christians from the Iraqi city of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. An ultimatum was issued to the city’s Christians earlier this month, saying that if they did not leave by Saturday, July 19, they “must convert to Islam, pay a fine, or face ‘death by the sword.’” As of Tuesday, most of the city’s estimated 3,000 Christians had fled.  The ن is now being shared on social media as a symbol of solidarity with the Iraqi Christians forced to flee their homes. The Catholic blog Rorate Caeli has wrote, the Islamists “mean it as a mark of shame, we must then wear it as a mark of hope. . . . You may kill our brethren and expel them but we Christians will never go away.”

There are so many situations where I feel powerless to know what to do apart from pray and this is only a tiny action but if one part of the body of Christ is hurting then surely we all feel that pain?




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