Honest Christianity – glimpses of the Kingdom


I was invited to speak at an event last week to launch a new charity, Child Funeral Charity . The purpose of the charity is to provide financial support for families who have lost a child (up to aged 16) but don’t have the money for some of the special things they might like to do in the funeral . It was held at the National Memorial Arboretum (the picture is of the route down to the BCH Riverside Walk).

Although most funeral directors and clergy do not charge for the basics of a child’s funeral, there are costs that would not be covered. The work of this charity will be a wonderful blessing to the families and be a great resource to the professionals that support them and who need to refer them. What struck me was how creative our service can be when we put our mind, energy and money into problems.

There is so much in the news this week to wonder where the will is in resolving seemingly insurmountable disagreements, enmity – how a way forward will be found in Gaza, Iraq, Ukraine to name but a few. What I was privileged to be involved in this week gave me glimpses of hope that humanity can learn to look out for and after each other, when we find a common cause that we believe in.




One thought on “Honest Christianity – glimpses of the Kingdom

  1. Great to hear of this wonderful ministry…a charity which I am sure will be a great blessing to families in times of indescribable pain.

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