Wondering Wednesdays – what the world needs…

Cornwall 2011 071

Monday evening we heard the song “what the world needs now is love” with the line in it “it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of”.  I realized I had not been praying for love when I have been struggling to find the words to pray for the many conflict situations there are around the world.  Sunday’s gospel reading was lots of Kingdom metaphors and I am very used to thinking about the Kingdom of God as now and not yet but am longing to see a little bit more of the not yet now!  I find this quotation from Moltmann a good summary of what the Kingdom is like and what we hope for:
The promise of the kingdom of God in which all things attain to right, to life, to peace, to freedom, and to truth, is not exclusive but inclusive. And so, too, its love, its neighbourliness and its sympathy are inclusive, excluding nothing, but embracing hope in everything wherein God will be all in all. The prom-missio of the kingdom is the ground of the missio of love to the world (Moltmann 1967:224).

Moltmann, J. (1967). Theology of Hope. Trans. J. W. Leitch. London, SCM.


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