Honest Christianity – rebuking God


For the past few months I have been reading a bit of the Gospels everyday. Last night I read a bit from Mark chapter 8 where Jesus begins to teach the disciples that he will suffer and die. Peter is decidedly unimpressed by this idea and why wouldn’t he be? He had given his life over to following Jesus and probably had high hopes of a long exciting future. Peter hears one man speculate what the future is going to be like. So we read, “Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him”. So Peter, let me know how that works out for you!!

So how does our Saviour full of grace and mercy , patience and empathy respond? Jesus’ response is more than a little shocking, “Get behind me Satan”. O come on Jesus, that’s a little harsh, I am sure Peter only had yours and his best intentions at heart.

I guess sometimes we need to question and sometimes just take time to listen and reflect before sometimes we need to push back and check out what God really means. Jesus seems to be able to hear our motives, to take the long view, to put aside our sensitivities because of what is at stake.

One of my current intentions is to ask more questions when I don’t understand, to blag less and admit I am not sure I get it. It’s a bit humbling, but it is better than just jumping in with both feet.

Although, I am not sure this is one part of the actions of Jesus I am queuing up to imitate.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – rebuking God

  1. I have your answer the.Lord tells me.you have mine, we r all apart of same body, we have to believe and that’s where you r sir, faith hope love, Peter was still dead not saved, he didn’t fully believe, faith, in end of days speech, to the Gentiles. We’re born into flesh till we had enough of devils tricks, which ruefully is a certainty in western world, he believed freshly life, our world, which is full of doubt envy power greed and my worst fear is sexual immorality, his words were confusions which started lives that most I can say in my lords name, but there rejoicing right now for your hope faith love, what is Jesus action/behavior of rebuke, what is the truth

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