Wondering Wednesdays – open churches

cross petroc

Open churches are one of the things I treasure while on holiday.  Yesterday we came across this amazing cross dedicated to the unknown builders and lovers of St Petroc’s Lydford.   We also went into the church and enjoyed the cool tranquility for a while.  What I particularly appreciate is the way that resources are provided for those who perhaps don’t often frequent church and may like a bit of help with how and what to pray – this church had a free leaflet with plenty of ideas, this is one I particularly liked – a prayer for someone in trouble:

God our Father, who in Jesus Christ turned not his back on anyone but in love and compassion stretched out his hands, look ternderly and carefully on XXXXXX

In your life may they find life, in your peace may they find peace, in your joy may they find joy, in your hope may they find hope.

Uphold them now and always through Jesus Christ we pray.

Words which are helpful when we struggle to find our own for those we love and know who need an encounter with God.



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