Honest Christianity – Rebuking God part 2 – irregular verbs


Last week I blogged about rebuking God. I have been reflecting on my thinking and my mind went to a running joke from the comedy series yes Prime Minister. When Jim Hacker’s staff wanted to show an inconsistency, they would illustrate it with an irregular verb like this one:
I give confidential briefings,
you leak,
he is being prosecuted under section 2a of the official secrets act.

I am pondering the difference between:
I am lamenting
You are rebuking God

As with much of our spiritual journey, it seems as though it is a spectrum of intention and perspective. So much of our response can come out of pain, lack of control and / or from wherever we voice our concerns, frustrations, hurts or sorrows from. However, we can be sure that God will understand and respond in a spirit of insight and grace.


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