Wondering Wednesdays – holding on to yesteryears…


How many of the loves and dreams and fears of yesteryears have their hold on you today?  Anthony de Mello

Holidays are times when there can perhaps be more time to think, reflect, remember.  We go to the same place regularly on holiday and layer upon layer of memories are built and inherent in that are some of the loves, dreams and fears that we have had over the years.  While some of the loves and dreams may still rightly have a hold on me today I try and work on the fears, not always successfully.  One of the things we enjoy on holiday is going into art shows or galleries and I am always drawn to pictures of lilies because of the biblical resonances of not worrying (Matthew 6.25-34) and I know I have mentioned this before in my blogs.  However, I need to let go of some of the dreams too and find some of the healing and purpose in where we are now and the journey we have been on.  This summer I am particularly enjoying my love of sport with lots of walking, kayaking, golf etc – my childhood and adolescence is full of happy memories of playing sport in the garden and further afield.  I am appreciating that I am getting a little fitter and can look at a (small) hill or cliff and no longer dread walking up it.  When I first read this question it sounded like none of them should but on reflection I think that was a wrong response – part of who I am has been shaped by loves, dreams and fears over the years and while I continue to hope in the transformation that is part of my journey of faith I am also grateful for where I have come from too and what I have learnt about myself, God and others along the way.


Anthony de Mello  Wellsprings New York Doubleday 1984, p232




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