Honest Christianity – who do you say that I am?


I was invited back to our previous church this morning – probably not a co-incidence that it Is Greenbelt weekend! The Lectionary Gospel reading was Matthew 16.13-20 where
Jesus asks his disciples two questions, who do other people say that I am and secondly, who do you say that I am? I wonder why Jesus asked about what other people thought about
Him? When we do that today it can come out of a place of intrigue, anxiety , worry, or paranoia. Most of these do not sound very perfect, sinless or human/god like.
They sound very human.

My previous blog picked up Peter trying to figure out Jesus’ future. He did not do so well that time. But he seems in this passage to give an answer to Jesus that reflects more insight and wisdom.

One of my hypotheses is that most Christians would answer with an emphasis on either Jesus as human, or Jesus as God. We tend to see Jesus as our friend or in control of the
universe. I am sure these trends may not only be personal but contextual in relation to what else is going on in my life.  Both Sally and I asked the question to our congregations and both of use were encouraged and inspired by those who shared – it is very precious to hear people sharing who Jesus is to them and we both returned home feeling blessed.

I continue to live with the challenge of who is Jesus and who is Jesus to me today, and everyday…


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