Friday photo – sailing to freedom?


I can’t imagine what it would have been like in 1620 to walk down these steps on to a boat to sail to America to pursue religious freedom.  These are the Mayflower steps which commemorate the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers to America.  It is hard not to think of those who try so hard to make their own journey to be free to follow their faith without fear of violence, intimidation or discrimination as one stands looking out at the myriad of boats which don’t quite look up to the task of crossing the Atlantic!   Nearly 400 years later we still have much to learn about how to live in this world with those whose beliefs are different, it is so sad that so little progress has been made in this area.


2 thoughts on “Friday photo – sailing to freedom?

  1. Part of the reason that so little progress has been made can be found in the fact that once the Pilgrim Fathers made it to Massachusetts they and their descendants weren’t quite so keen to extend their hard won freedom to others who disagreed with them.

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