Honest Christianity – God’s daisy

God daisy


Did you ever play loves me, loves me not with daisies when you were young?  There were always far too many petals on daisies to fix it to get the right answer!  That is why we love this cartoon of David Hayward’s so much – no ambiguity here!  This is our 250th post and we wanted to mark it by sharing one of our favourite images.  Sally used it the first time she preached at Hodge Hill Church and gave out magnets which she occasionally sees on fridge doors!  I have it on a postcard at the hospital and use it as part of our spiritual care activities.

There is perhaps nothing more life-enhancing than knowing that we are loved unconditionally by God.  Sadly, many of us will have grown up hearing a message that God’s love is conditional – if we do or don’t do…  fill in the blanks for yourself!  It was often not said in quite that way but we somehow picked up the idea that it was the case.

As we have journeyed in ministry we have become more aware of the need of two things – to believe this message for ourselves and for it to be the essence of what we share with others.  If we know and live in the truth of God’s unconditional love that can be helpful in having healthy relationships where we don’t expect or need to receive all the affirmation we may want from a particular person or ministry setting.  God never loves us not…


https: //www.flickr.com/photos/haywardart/5208940124/


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