Wondering Wednesdays – fruit thirty years on…

st albans

On Saturday we went to a reunion of the church Paul attended in the late 70s and early 80s, Westminster Chapel.  On our way we visited St Alban’s Abbey (St Albans was the location of the reunion) and this picture is of a vine in the grounds – it caught my eye as I thought about what fruit a church may produce.  It was a day of blessing and encouragement – so many generous contributions of food and drink, people behind the scenes making a reunion with around 70 people happen.

I didn’t know many people well, some I have connected with on Facebook, some I remembered from the odd visit to Westminster Chapel over the years, some were sadly missing for various reasons.  What struck me most was that almost everyone that Paul was friendly with thirty years ago was still involved in a local church of some description and were still talking positively about God.  I don’t know if it is a testimony to the discipleship that happened at Westminster Chapel, the theology that formed them, a deep relationship with Jesus or what.  Several days later I am still wondering what the reasons are for so many not giving up on an institution that can be both so frustrating yet so fulfilling.  I think I will be wondering for quite some time…




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