Friday photo – almost autumn

LeafI took this picture on one of my early morning walks – after an hour in the car I take a short walk when I arrive at work.  September is confusing me, in the middle of the day I need to be wearing my summer clothes but first thing it is so cold 4c one day this week when I got in the car so layers are the order of the day.

The transition to autumn can be a little unsettling for me.  The more relaxed pace of the summer gets overtaken with the busyness of the beginning of term with lots of long to do lists and lots of firsts.  In many ways it is a good time as the potential of a fresh year lies ahead but so do the dark, cold, foggy, wet mornings where getting up at 5.45 sems so much harder than when the bathroom is bathed with the early morning light in summer.  There have been times when my life has felt like it has been inbetween seasons, not always a comfortable time and I have to look for the special treasures of a particular season sometimes.  Thus I am looking forward to the glorious colours of autumn, the beauty of mist lingering over fields and the amazing red disc that appears over the motorway as I watch the sun rise as I drive along.  A leaf in transition…  so much to think about….


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