Wondering Wednesdays – watching Dolphins


Last week I repaired one of Paul’s teeshirts – on the front it said Ryder Cup The Belfry 1993.  That teeshirt is older than some of the students we teach!  I now have a turquoise Miami Dolphins teeshirt, I don’t even particularly support them but I enjoy wearing clothes that remind me of special celebrations and occasions and going to Wembley to watch a game of American Football was a treat!  Our dream is to see a game in the USA but the season doesn’t coincide with when we usually holiday.  I wonder if I will have that teeshirt 21 years on triggering memories of a great night.

I have all sorts of random thoughts from the evening.  The first was that the NFL know how to put on something that is both sport and entertainment and even if you are not that interested in the game, everything else is quite fun!  We felt like we had a good night out and we don’t get that many of those.  It made us realize that sometimes we do just need to juggle everything to get to something we really want to go to – we have missed so many things over the years because of the combined pressures of work and church.

A Mexican wave went round the stadium several times – it was contagious – if only that sort of momentum built up among 80,000 or so people about something a bit more serious than a game of football! Someone must have started it – and we all joined in! Although there are clearly dangers in just following what some bright spark thinks is a good idea.

By the end of the game the stadium was half empty – the Dolphins were winning easily but many people missed a great play by the Raiders and didn’t see the event through.  admittedly Wembley is a nightmare place to get out of and I can understand why you would want to get a start on the crowd leaving but it seems sad not to have the complete experience and to leave prematurely – there are times when we want to do that in life but sometimes perseverance has its rewards.

I am not sure I would ever manage to stay awake to watch the Superbowl live but this year I will be better informed and more passionate.


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