Wondering Wednesdays – running to the rescue


We were sitting in a cafe eating an ice cream and there was the thunder of feet running down the street, the woman in the shop commented that it was the lifeboat crew who had been called out.  It was early afternoon, sunny, warm and calm but someone, somewhere was in trouble.  One of the things I would find difficult about Paul’s job as a chaplain would be the being on call bit, always a little bit of the mind wondering if the pager would go off and plans would need to change.  I can only imagine how grateful the people in trouble were for the crew running to the rescue.

It made me think about my levels of attentiveness to those situations where God wants me to be on call.  While I don’t often like the metaphor of rescue for interactions with others I am also aware that there are times when people have done that for me, sometimes over quite minor things but at other times quite big ones.  Every year a particular anniversary comes around I am so grateful for the friend who was willing to drive me home – despite her quite advanced pregnancy.  So today I want to be more aware of those situations where I am God’s person on call…


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