Go the distance – places of rest

Cormorants 2Cormorants 1

Yesterday Sally and I had a really nice day off. As a part of the day we  went for a walk around one of our local lakes. A few years ago a new hide was built. Over the summer we have seen a higher number of cormorants, sea birds, on a lake which could almost be no further from the coast in England.

When we went a few weeks ago the lake had a small Island in the middle (picture on the right), but yesterday it was almost covered in water but there were even more cormorants . As well as a few on the postage stamp land and a few diving in the water most of them were in roosting in two trees, the ones that had lost their leaves (as in picture on the left). Perhaps there are a few trees in some normal nesting areas but this seems to be a contextual change according to need and the environment – where can they find a place of safety to rest?

Is this a  lesson for all of us?  Adapt, adjust, evolve according to our environment – find a way to flourish as individuals and as communities, find those places of rest and nourishment.  Just twenty minutes watching the birds left us so much more relaxed and helped us to realize how we need to grasp those opportunities as they come along and take time to calm our souls and rest as God encourages us to do.


3 thoughts on “Go the distance – places of rest

  1. Weirdly – I am thinking we may have been in the same place yesterday….and you were on my mind! Glad you rested….. love to you both. Please see personal email sent today.

  2. feel like the cormorants… if this is church… the safe resting places seem to get smaller just as i settle somewhere, more water… thanks for the ride to kingsbury yesterday though, it’s lovely there 🙂
    Beside still waters and all that

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