Wondering Wednesdays – overwhelmed by generosity

illness book

I enjoy writing all sorts of things but what is so encouraging is for someone to show interest in what I have written. This means that if I read something a journal article I have particularly enjoyed I email the author to tell them – with academic publishing in particular you wonder if anyone ever actually reads something you put so much effort into! On Monday Paul came home with a parcel for me, one of the people I had emailed had amazingly generously sent me not only a copy of a couple of articles he had written but a book too – the one in the picture. He put a personal dedication into it and I feel so blessed. I also have a head full of ideas about researching the topic of the book – explaining illness, in my case to children and young people. I am particularly interested in how children and young people explain their illness to their peers – perhaps I will get a chance to research it one day. But for now I am so grateful for Bryan’s kindness and look forward to reading the book properly… It reminds me too of the generosity of God and the way that part of being made in God’s image might be mediated through me…and yesterday there was the opportunity as Bisoke, a priest from the Congo came to say hello, he took some of our modules a few years ago and I was able to give him copies of a couple of books I had written with my colleague Jo – pay it forward in practice perhaps?


3 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – overwhelmed by generosity

  1. Great post Sally! Takes me back to research I did pre CYM when working at GOSH. At the time I was planning to train as a Hospital Play Specialist so did some research into the importance of play in terms of healing. Really loved my time there and like you, the area you have written about is something I would very much like to research in the future. Maybe you can give me some tips as you are so good at writing books!

  2. This reminds me of a recent conversation at work where a colleague was attempting to explain the purpose of pain to a young person they were working with. It was an uphill struggle and unfortunately the young person remains very resentful of their pain and hostile to the suggestion that it has a purpose. To them it remains something to be battled with which creates so much stress and anxiety for them and their family.

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