Honest Christianity – the innocence of good intentions


U2’s newest album, “Songs of Innocence” was provided for free to 500 million iTunes users. As a big U2 fan I have welcomed them giving away their latest album. It was automaticy downloaded to our ipad. What a generous artistic act. Well it does not seem to have gone down so well with everyone. Apparently it has blocked up people’s memory.

In a Facebook interview where U2 bandmembers answered questions asked by their fans, Bono apologized to anyone who had been upset at receiving material they had not asked for. In the apology, Bono says that the group “got carried away” with themselves and were worried that songs they had spent two years working on “might not be heard.”

The question this raises for me is what virtue is there in intention? Personally I value myself and others trying to do the right thing. We might not always get it right, but surely its good to try and be good?

Since I have been teaching ethics, I have revisited some of my values, as Bono has found out, it is not always good enough to have tried. As Bono honestly and insightfully observes, we sometimes have mixed motives and or lack of discernment for the consequences of our actions. Sometimes we have to do the right thing for others, not just for ourselves.

Personally I am not bothered about what they did and still pleased, it’s Sally’s IPad!


2 thoughts on “Honest Christianity – the innocence of good intentions

  1. Some of us aren’t massive U2 fans. If a product is good enough, surely it is worth paying a fair price for. Of course I’m sure that Apple paid them a fair whack for the privilege of taking up a lump of some ones iPad Memory and didn’t pay for the time it takes to locate and delete the thing. It also does not set a particularly good precedent for musicians who have to earn their living from their music rather than *tax-efficient* investments and corporate sponsorship.
    I think that Bono and Apple are well paired. They are both hypocritical tax-dodgers who are more to do with surface appearance than substance.
    Billy Bragg and Linux are the way forward.

  2. I’m perfectly happy with a free Cd from U2. They can afford it – I’d also like free CD’s from the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Dave Matthews Band…in fact, I’m all in favour of freebies, especially when the giver can afford it. I can always delete if I don’t want it. What a load of fuss!!!

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