Wondering Wednesdays – a glimpse of something more

postcardtvIf you were watched Children’s Hospital: the Chaplains Episode 2 you just caught a glimpse of the other side of the postcard Kathryn wrote – this is it!  Inevitably a television programme doesn’t always have time to unpack the why of what is done, and the role of Chaplains in spiritual care involves many things you don’t see in the wonderful programme. Kathryn writes:  Postcards can offer a non-religious yet spiritual meaning providing comfort, encouragement, and hope with pictures and words that may become a source of meditation. In succinct and profound ways, a verse or statement on a postcard can communicate understanding and reach into the heart of a child or young person’s experience without many words or long explanations. Simply by giving a card that reads, “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow” offers recognition, understanding and hope in the midst of a journey that is fraught and highly charged, yet may be difficult for a young person or child to articulate. Cards can hold a message of peace and hope without diminishing the reality of how challenging and frightening life can be for a child dealing with a serious illness. When postcards offer scope for open and broad reflection they can speak into complex emotional and spiritual journeys while reflecting key principles and sources of hope and inspiration from within a religion.

I am inspired by cards that unexpectedly arrive – today I will ask God who to send a card to – perhaps you might like to do that too…


One thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – a glimpse of something more

  1. It made me smile when I saw the picture on today’s blog. I found it deeply moving watching Kathryn with baby Kate in this weeks episode. I was watching it for the 2nd time last night on i player and kept trying to get it to pause in the right place so I could read what was written on the postcard! (If only I knew that you would do that for me!) It was wonderful watching Kathryn singing to Kate, praying with her and taking the gift of a blanket and postcard. It really is profound, inspiring stuff and great that something like this can be shown on the BBC although like you say I am sure there is much we don’t get to see. I am also finding the multi-faith element of the series something really positive that is giving me a lot to reflect on. I felt quite challenged by the wording Subhan’s father used when expressing what they prayed for each day. Thank you so much for the part you play in this. 🙂

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