Wondering Wednesdays – would you rather?

Tom 1Tom 2

Yesterday was one of my favourite days in the academic year. Our third years spend the day reflecting on their formation and youth/children’s work vision and in the afternoon they put a display on in the Chapel and people get to interact with what they have created. Looking at what they have done is always inspiriational and a blessing. Insights I would never have seen or thought of…

I loved the simplicity of this one by Tom and it gets to the heart of what youth workers do which can look so simple but requires a lot of skill.  The question posed using jenga blocks as a resonse, was “Would you rather?”  The choices were:

Tell a young person how their life should be built or

Give them the tools to help them make their own decisions…

We talk about young people needing to own their faith for themselves, we talk about transition, we talk about discipleship, we talk about faith development…

I know I am grateful for the tools I have been given which have helped me over the years to make my own decisions drawing on all the resources of faith which has often included those who are older and wiser but rather than telling me how my life should be built they lived out their life so I could see a building with foundations in God.  This was such a simple but very profound articulation of a vision for youth work…


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