Honest Christianity – turning feelings into actions


I have just seen an advert for Unilever.  It was about listening to new leaders – young people.  The slogan in the advert is “turning feelings into actions”.  What an inspiring turn of phrase.  It captures the strength of youth, powerful, directive, non-ambiguous feelings with the need and desire to do and prove something.

My reflection is around the need and virtue of either of these and the necessity of doing both.  It is such a privilege to be involved in work with young people and engage with both their feelings and their actions.  I see this regularly with our patients and their families at the hospital.  One of the comments that has been made at least twice in the BBC 2 Chilren’s Hospital:  The Chaplains series has been that we suspect that the patients are more of an inspiration to us than we are a support to them.  They turn their feelings about their illness into a positive attitude to inspire their families, other patients and care staff.  Sabah in episode 4 epitomises an inspirational young person.

For Christians, God has epitomised this turning feelings into actions with the gift of Jesus as a reflection of God’s love and desire for reconciliation with humanity.

Come on young people, keep pushing yourself and us.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – turning feelings into actions

  1. The children and young people in Children’s Hospital: The Chaplains, certainly are an inspiration as are all the amazing chaplains especially the one with the bright shirts!

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