Honest Christianity – active waiting, the best I can do

WaitingTime to wait
Time to go

Time to wait
Time to do

Time to wait
Time to be busy

Time to wait
Time to go and get it

Today is the beginning of preparing for Christmas. No, not shopping,  Advent, 4 Sundays before Christmas when we remember and recall different aspects of the Christian story.

I confess I am best at waiting when I am doing something, not the most passive way of waiting. I am full of admiration for the families at hospital who often have such long waits…  One of the lessons i have learnt this year is seeking to do the right things in the right way and just seeing what happens . Our Chaplaincy Team’s objective at the hospital this year has been greater integration into more varied parts of the hospital. In some ways we have gone and worked for it, asked, offered , sought to make it happen. This has been encouraging and satisfying , but even more so has been where this has happened where we have not asked, or pushed, but got on with our normal work and waited to see what happens.

In what mentality am I going to spend the next 4 weeks, waiting, preparing, in anticipation of the miraculous coming of God into our world?  I pray it will be without striving but focused, that my life might be more integrated between being and doing and I watch and wait with grace and hope.


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