Wondering Wednesday – the challenge for children’s and youth work

midlands cymIn September 1999 the first MCYM students arrived at St John’s, Nottingham to start a course in youth and community work and applied theology.  Today as we launched our new BA degree in Theology, Mission and Ministry as part of the Common Awards two of our first graduates were present to hear us speak about what we do… September 2015 is a start of a new era with a fresh curriculum and many more options for vocational endorsements.  The world of work with children and young people has changed considerably in those intervening years and the CEO of CYM Dr Nick Shepherd offered a challenge   that work with children and young people in the church should be about renewing the church and impacting the Common Good.  Drawing on Brueggemann’s Prophetic Imaginaiton he went on to explore how this might be done including nurturing an alternative consciousness and nurturing alternative community.

I am enjoying reading the daily contributions on St John’s Online Advent Calendar – each week a different way of hearing God speaking is explored, this first week it is angels.  Reading it daily is helping me form an alternative consciousness as Christmas draws closer, I am expecting to listen to God and to encounter unexpected angels bringing God’s message to me.

If you are interested in knowing more about CYM’s new courses email mcym@stjohns-nottm.ac.uk

http://www.childrenyouthmission.org/  CYM website

http://www.stjohns-nottm.ac.uk/abook2014/  St John’s Advent Book


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