Honest Christianity – what do the church and Waitrose have in common?

Waitrose ad

I think my favourite Christmas advert this year is the gingerbread one by Waitrose, see the advert here.

As they say in the ad: “everyone who works at Waitrose, owns Waitrose, so they care more”

(Waitrose is part of the John Lewis group which is legally a partnership and partners share in the profits as opposed to being run for the benefit of shareholders)

This is a lovely advert about a teacher who sees something in a child and the journey the child goes on to show this faith is well founded as she perseveres to make gingerbread shapes for a school fair…  As usual it got me thinking…

What could it look like if those of us who go to church, viewed our attendance or membership in this way? How much have I got invested in my local church?  Would I view my denomination in the same way if I thought that I owned them?  How might I act, speak about, and promote them if I felt like this?  The other question of course is the other way around. Should my local church and denomination relate to us and treat us as if we were more than pew fillers but as those who between us own it.  I would hope so, so perhaps we should?

I would like to point out that one thing my church and Waitrose have in common is free good coffee!


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