Honest Christianity – who do I think I am?

P waterfall

This week I have a phone interview for a paediatric working group. It is in area I know a bit about and I was encouraged to apply. I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to interview.

In church today we had a reading about John the Baptist and him being asked “Who did he think he was baptising people?” He explains that this who he is, what he is called to do, and that he is not the Messiah.   For more on this please see my previous blog.  This is the approach I have been encouraged to take for my interview (especially not being the Messiah just a naughty boy according to my wife ala Monty Python!)  I have been encouraged to just explain what we do. There is a temptation in some of our cultural contexts to big ourselves up, push ourselves forward at the expense of others or the cause.

So what I plan to do is to take my lead from John the Baptist, graciously answer the questions on who I am and what I know, and not try and be someone I am not and leave the outcome in the hands of others and God.


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