Wondering Wednesdays – learning about beauty

Blackberry Oct 2010 570

My Friday photo was called fleeting beauty, I didn’t expect to be writing about beauty again but I have been inspired to think about it further by the international youth ministry conference we have been at over the past four days (in London).  David White’s paper The Fire and Light at the Heart of Youth Ministry offers this thought as part of its final paragraph:

Youth ministry must compete with the world by out-narrating it, through creative story, art and drama in which God’s self-giving love is featured; and by the stories of ancient and contemporary saints whose lives are marked by God’s self-giving beauty.  In conclusion, the future of youth ministry must not drift far from its moorings in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Church he calls into existence.

There is obviously a lot of argument and explanation before one gets to this statement but I am attracted by the idea that we need to tell all sorts of stories of faith in a myriad of different ways to help young people see the beauty of the gospel which is our central message.


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