Wondering Wednesdays – new year, new name


At Messy Church on Sunday, Al the Vicar had devised this really interesting activity. We had to find a new name for ourselves. This is how we did it:
Pick a blank label, and write your first name on it. Then ‘Mix and match’ two more labels to make a word that describes what you think God wants you to be.
Pick one with red writing on: love, joy, justice, peace, hope, trust, friendship, laughter, hug, help, care, welcome, fun
Pick one with blue writing on: bringer, maker, giver, sharer, finder, seeker, discoverer
(or choose a word that seems more apt and write it on your label.
Tie them together and keep them somewhere you can see them to be reminded of your new name.

I loved this activity, I wrote all the words on the labels before we began so had lots of time to think about which ones I would choose. As you can see I chose joy and finder. I have a tendency to see the proverbial glass half empty rather than half full so I liked the idea of challenging myself to find the joy in things that I would not usually.

What was also special was seeing the combination of words everyone else chose, it was so encouraging and often so apt. An activity that could be adapted in so many ways!


3 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – new year, new name

  1. Thanks. I thought the list was longer 🙂 great idea! I’m thinking of using it this week at our shared Shabbat meal

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