Wondering Wednesdays – rejoicing in a sabbath

sabbathIf you follow me on Facebook you may have seen that Paul and I had a wonderful weekend away just sitting around reading and eating!  It was a sabbath for us after a busy few months and I am so grateful for it.  One of the books I read was this one and I was challenged by many of the passages in it but particularly this:

This book is addressed exactly to those who are “weary and heavy laden,”  [cf Matthew 11:28-30] made so by the insatiable requirements of our socity – in its taxation for the sake of imperialism, in its social conformity that urges doing more and having more, in its frightened intent that there should be no “free lunch” for anyone, in its assumption that there is a technological resolution of every human problem, in its pathologies of greed and control (pxvi).

I will be wondering about such things for many weeks to come….

Reference:  Walter Brueggemann (2014).  Sabbath as Resistance. Louisville:  Westminster:  John Knox.


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