Honest Christianity: followers distort the original teaching of their founder


This was one of the points prince Charles made in an interview with Diane Louise Jordan on the Radio 4 Sunday programme.  This seems true whatever religion one belongs to, observes or criticises.  And if this is so, then it is more than likely I am a part of that distortion.  With honest reflection on my measuring up to the model of Jesus, that is also inevitable.

One would also hope that those same followers could also bring credit, credence and even validity to the said same founders. This is an incredible opportunity and responsibility. This seems to be a constructive way of doing mission, to try to be the best, pure, undistorted reflection and model of what Jesus was like. To positively address the accusation of hypocrisy. Perhaps one way to address this is to acknowledge how difficult it is to follow and be all that Jesus called us to be and how we should treat each other, to do good, bless one another regardless of mutual affiliation other than membership of the human race.  We Christians are committed to trying to follow a high calling .


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