Wondering Wednesdays – The Promised Land always lies on the other side of a Wilderness


All over my computer are random quotations that I have found and want to wonder about at some point in the future.  Today is Ash Wednesday and this on from Havelock Ellis, an English psychologist, seems apt.  For me Lent feels like a wilderness time with the promised land of Easter coming.  this year I am struggling to identify what to do for lent.  Some years I take up something, other years I give up something – as I write this I don’t yet have a sense of what God is calling me to do this year.  That feels a little disconcerting for someone whose sermon for this coming Sunday was written over a week ago!  I like planned and orderly!

The sermon is on the temptation narrative.  What is perhaps most encouraging for those of us who have felt like we have spent quite a bit of time in a wilderness is that the gospel writers talk about Jesus being led into (Matthew and Luke) or even driven into (Mark) the wilderness.  Sometimes I can feel like it’s my fault that I am in a wilderness place and I suppose there might be times when this is so but more often it is a reflection of something that God is doing in my life.  As a metaphor the promised land evokes a series of memories but never a seense of having arrived at a place I will stay at forever and wilderness is sometime only a part of the map of my life.  I have been reflecting on landscapes in my life as part of my thesis and at the moment the promised land is the other side of the thesis with the wilderness being that interminable waiting time between submission and viva.

Not all of our negative experiences are a Spirit inspired wilderness – but as lent is now upon me I want to reflect on these metaphors and wonder about how they are playing out in my life at the moment…




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