Wondering Wednesdays – more sabbath wonderings


I preached on the temptations on Sunday mentioning that the 40 days don’t include Sundays so we are then free to have some of what we have given up (if that is the way we are marking Lent). It is a sabbath for the lent fast which in my case is from biscuits which have suddenly become very attractive, particularly when I have a cup of tea! However, as a Curate Sunday is not my sabbath, it is not a day of rest, it is a day of work (although I don’t get paid for this aspect of my ministry I still describe it as work or labour in contrast to rest). I appreciate the opportunity to celebrate God’s grace and blessing on Sundays in Lent while also finding it helpful to have a season of focusing on a different type of spiritual discipline than I engage in for most of the year.

I am still getting nourishment from reading Brueggemann’s Sabbath as Resistance and am appreciating this at the moment:
Writing in reference to Exodus 20 where all are to rest – sons and daughters, slaves, oxen, donkeys, livestock, immigrants – Brueggemann argues that sabbath is “the great day of equality where all are equally at rest” and argues that
“On the Sabbath:
You do not have to do more
YOu do not have to sell more
You do not have to control more
You do not have to know more
You do not have to be younger or more beautiful
You do not have to score more
Because this one day breaks the pattern of coercion, all are like you, equal, equal worth, equal value, equal access, equal rest” (p40-1).


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