Honest Christianity – redefining family at our points of suffering and pain

Sam 2

This is the first Mothering Sunday after my Mum has died. It has not been a very easy few weeks with all the adverts of things to buy your special Mum. With the rising skill in personalised e advertising, do you think the day will come when mailing lists will not be sending me offers of special gifts of flowers, chocolates etc!!

When Jesus is on the cross he turns to his mother and says, “this is your son” and to his Beloved disciple, “this is your mother”. Jesus ensures others are taken care of. His mother is obvious, we suppose her husband has died but what of John, perhaps he had loss and need as well.

We had a very inclusive service at church today where everybody and all our female and male roles were acknowledged and affirmed. And perhaps it was just a normal week, but I felt welcomed and cared for by women and men of all ages. It was ok to feel unwell and to miss my mum. Jesus Kingdom people have always been my family and will always be so. The picture is of a church family from one of the books we use with children at the hospital. You can see it as a video here.

Reference: Picture from Sam and his Special Book Victoria Beech and the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network published by Christian Education 2011.


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