Honest Christianity – chaplaincy and the local church


This week I was invited to speak at what was a reasonably unique event in my experience. Itwas not the theme that was unusual – I often get asked to speak about bereavement. It was not even the group – volunteer chaplains. It was that the training session on bereavement for volunteer chaplains was being run by a local church as a part of a wider training programme.

It is the vision of Renewal Church in Solihull to develop their members to reach out in their
local community. Chaplaincy is perceived as an effective way to serve the local community and is part of the mission strategy of the church. Church members care, listen, serve people where they are to be found in places they have gone to willingly or unwillingly – GP surgeries, playing sports, hospitals and hospices, schools… The training is helping them to be intentional and purposeful in what they doing and offering appropriate support in the context.

Not every church is big enough to run its own course, but every Honest Christianity Church
is committed to creative community service.


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