Friday photo – if the tide goes out, they will come…

looe people

On Sunday we witnessed an amazing phenomenon – the tide was due to be extraordinarily low which meant it would be possible to walk from the mainland to Looe Island. It was like the end of my favourite film, Field of Dreams where you see all the car headlights coming from miles around – people just kept on walking past us, usually in wellies and often in shorts! It was obviously a well publicized event – it may even have been a fundraiser but there were all sorts of people from young to old, with and without their dogs!

Hopefully you can spot the people on the picture, I only had my phone and it doesn’t do zoom well! It was a Sunday and I couldn’t help have the fleeting thought of what would we need to do for people to turn up to church like that – but then it was a once in a long time event whereas church is a weekly thing. I have long been persuaded that we need to celebrate more and be clear about our celebrations – reading Tom Sine taught me that and that perhaps if there were more opportunities to come and join an accessible event more would come – certainly Christingle seems to function a bit like that at some of the churches I have been at. I didn’t join the long line – I have walked across twice and we visited the island in the summer by boat. I wasn’t prepared – I had the wrong clothes and shoes on – that made me think too – what do people think they need in order just to walk into church on the spur of the moment – I am writing my thesis on shame in the church this week and it is amazing the breadth of things that are problems!

How would you complete the phrase If…. they will come…?!


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