Honest Christianity – shout Hosanna for justice


Abraham Lincoln once said “My concern is not whether God is on our side: my greatest concern is to be on God’s side.” This is a helpful reminder as we begin Holy Week and travel the journey with Jesus from hero to villain and back to hero again this time next week! It shows that it is not only the contemporary media who do this to people – it happened around 2000 years ago!

Archbishop Sentamu describes how hosanna means something like “Save us Lord” and goes on to reflect how hosannas can be shouts of justice arguing that
“we must stand with the dispossessed as brothers and sisters; as our friends. In our domestic, local, national and international relationships we much rediscover our common humanity and work together as members of the one race – the human race. Jesus’s arms stretched out for the whole world. He raises our hopes, not to dash them, but to energise us with new life and transforming love”

Honest Christianity is about being on the side of justice, speaking up against injustice, acting out of the love and compassion God has for us and asks us to have for others.

Palm Sunday, going into Holy week is a reflection on a season of struggles, pain, suffering, disappointments. Palm Sunday is also known as Passion Sunday. Our inspiration is that the motivation that sustained Jesus during this week, will be ours to imitate and act upon the injustices showing that we are on God’s side alongside the powerless, the oppressed, the hurting, the vulnerable…

Thoughts for this blog were sparked by reading Archbishop Sentamus Credo column in the Times Saturday March 28th.


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