Wondering Wednesdays – the blessing of graciousness


Yesterday was a catching up with a lot of admin I had been postponing because of the urgency of marking and the desire to take some focused study time. What could have been quite a dull day was enriched by the gracious responses of people. I asked one friend for help tracking down permission to use a spirituality diagram in the spiritual care book we are writing – he copied in someone to an email who was willing to grant permission on the basis of normal referencing.  That was such a blessing as the diagram adds something to the chapter on spiritual literacy as it works in so many contexts.  Another person was very gracious over an incident that I felt really bad about and what could have been an immensely difficult phone call wasn’t. Those two incidents have illuminated my day and made me think again about how important it is to try and be gracious – I am challenged again about my experience of supermarkets – I never choose the right checkout and have to try amazingly hard to overcome grumpiness.  Hopefully next time I am in the position I will remember my experience of today and try to help someone else be on the receiving end of a gracious response.


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