Friday photo – my purple stole

purple stole

My purple stole was the last one I bought, it was a gift from my Mum. I thought long and hard about what I wanted on it. You wear purple for funerals, during Lent and Advent. I love lilies and thought about a lily as they remind me of Easter and the verses in Matthew where Jesus encourages us to consider the lilies, Paul’s stole has a rainbow, a sign of hope, a symbol that has been important at significant times in my life. I appreciate light in the darkness metaphors too so something of that was a possibility…

But because I am often quite a wordy person I ended up with phrases that I thought might be helpful to others who would see the stole… on a background of rainbow type stitching. But I wanted stars too – those days I am somewhere with little artificial light and I gaze up and see so many stars, so many more than I could ever count, I marvel at God’s creation perhaps more than at any other time.

Yesterday I was at the Cathedral for the renewing of vows and blessing of oils eucharist, looking at stoles and wondering about the symbolism and stories behind them is one of the best parts about being in a large clergy gathering!


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