Honest Christianity – what got crucified this Easter?

JOhn 3 16 cross

Well, obviously, the son of God. But did anything sacrificially die? Well again obviously, if we had given anything up it is likely to be self, our ego. We may have had to make decisions not to do, eat, drink, etc or do, think etc something that has been sacrificial.

I have been reading the book of Romans over Lent and Paul has a lot to say about these themes – dying to self, living for Christ, dead to sin, not a slave to sin, alive to God.

So the question becomes, what got resurrected? Possibly, it has been a self that has become less focused on self-serving. What stayed dead? What I reflect would be some of my desire to serve myself.

Our sacrifice has been nothing like our saviour Jesus, but our modeling has been enabled by not just his death but by today remembering and celebrating his resurrection. I now have resources to live a life that is not driven by my own self-interest. And maybe the real consequential gift of this is not that I am now more likely to be effectual in serving others, as I do not always know how to do this, but that I am released not to serve myself.

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