Friday photo – mulberry harbours


I didn’t know what a Mulberry harbour was until I walked the beaches of Normandy and saw the remnants of the amazing construction that helped the allied forces to land on the beach on D Day (6th June 1944) to begin the liberation of France.  This is a beach near Stranraer in Scotland where they experimented with the huge concrete blocks that make up the harbour – more than 60 years on there remains a reminder of a complex plan that brings tears to my eyes as I remember what it cost so many people.

This was part of one day of our holiday in Scotland where we drove round many different historical sights and I was prompted to remember with gratitude so many people in different eras, in different contexts who have enriched our life.  We saw the last golf course that James Braid designed, a lighthouse that had been turned into a hotel but was still a working lighthouse – things to wonder and marvel at.


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