Wondering Wednesday – wandering on Thursday


I appreciate the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing! Whatever the weather on Thursday I will wander down the road to my local polling station to vote. As I wander I will be thinking about the news I will wake up to on Friday – I would love to stay awake all night following the news as it comes in but I don’t have the stamina to do that any more! In reality I probably never did.

I know I have already blogged on the election and usually post on social media about the importance of voting. Being disenfranchised is one of the most disempowering experiences I ever have – there are times when decisions that impact me are made by people who I cannot influence, don’t understand how they have been appointed yet have to live with the consequences. Wherever I can make a difference to the outcome by voting I do – even if that difference is just one more number added to the total.

If you are still undecided then I have found this film helpful – it puts the view from the perspective of young people which is my passion.


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