Honest Christianity – not yet done


Someone in missionary work that we have both known for a long time posted the following about some of the work they have been involved in: “There is of course much still to be done and the World Bank titled its 2012 report on poverty reduction in Vietnam, “Well Begun, Not Yet Done.”

This is an interesting reflection for our own country as much for our own lives. So many of our friends are lamenting at the moment that they cannot say well begun with any conviction at this time. So as we reflect on our own spiritual lives as well perhaps as on government policies has it been well begun, started correctly, well birthed? The sacrificial values, principles, choices, that support us in building well – are they in evidence? If not what is it that we can do to change that?

The wonderful gift of honest Christianity, is that even when something has not been well begun, we need not give up hope, because we have a redeeming God and a life where good can come out of bad. So let us take hope that what has or has not been well begun, gives us the opportunity to contribute to not yet done in a positive way.


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