Friday photo – looking at stars

Stars 4

I love staring up at stars, although they don’t usually look quite as spectacular as this! On Sunday evening we had one of our alternative service with Celtic style liturgy and a reflection on Jesus as light of the world. Matt who led the reflection talked about the different characteristics of light and one of them struck me. He talked about how when we look up at the stars what we see is not the stars as they are now because the light takes so long to travel to us. It reminded me that this is true of me sometimes when I look in a mirror – what I see is an old image, not who I am now because the light takes a while to dawn in my brain!

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One thought on “Friday photo – looking at stars

  1. ❤ I'm still musing on hidden light… it was really inspiring, the whole thing was lovely… would like to do it more often… still not blogged yet…

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