Wondering Wednesdays – the Eucharist and a mother’s love

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Today I am on holiday with my Mum – and I again am reminded of the way that mothering images inform my faith. This is one of my favourites…

Like love, the Eucharist does not need to be understood or explained, it needs only to be touched. In the Eucharist, as in love, the main thing is that we are held. Perhaps the most useful image of how the Eucharist functions is the imagoe of a mother holding a frightened, tired and tense child. In the Eucharist God functions as a mother. God picks us up; frightened, tired, helpless, complaining, discouraged and protesting children, and hold is to her heart until the tension subsides and peace and strenth flows into us. A tense and tired child held to its mother’s breast eventually becomes calm and returns to the floor again full of the mother’s strenth. Through an embrace the mother can impart to a child a peace and a strength that cannot be transmitted through words. This is also true for the embrace of friends and lovers.

Reference Ronald Rolheiser Forgotten Among the Lilies New York Image Doubleday p176-7


One thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – the Eucharist and a mother’s love

  1. beautiful… and experienced again in therapy yesterday… one thing eucharist in small groups and informal settings offers is the time for this… church eucharist is more like a quick reassuring hug or touch on the arm or shoulder than being held…it is good, but on its own not enough for the weary and broken. we need more opportunities to have more time to be held… the third sunday one at church provides that much more…

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