Honest Christianity – enter as if…


This past week we have been on holiday in Bruges. We visited several churches and most were very welcoming to visitors. The photo above was taken as we went in to a large baroque oratory, a church founded by Jesuits – St Walburga’s.

In some ways it could be heard as a poetic way to say “you’re in church, be quiet”. I read it and was inspired by it as a timely reminder that we were in a church not a museum. I also am going to pinch the words for my visiting of patients and their families. The idea of a patient’s room being holy ground is well established and practiced by some, but this little poem seems to me to take it to the next level. It encourages me to realise and acknowledge that God is already present before I get there and stays when I leave.

This is a positive way to perceive all of our encounters.


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