Honest Christianity – a starfish and multifaith work

Starfish bookThis week we launched our new book on multifaith care at a conference at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We were able to present 5 key principles for this type of work as well as lots of information from 6 major world faiths on the particularities of caring for babies, children and young people as opposed to adults. As part of the book and the day we thought it might be of interest to share the values and principles that I have come to as a Christian leading a multifaith team and service:

I used the metaphor of a starfish to explain these, each of these five principles was one of the arms, but a star fish has two sides and for each of the five principles there is an underbelly which represents some of the values I come to multifaith work with :

secure vocational identity,  comfortable on the margins,  vulnerable availability, self care, understanding and appreciating uniqueness

These reflect some honest reflections out of my journey within my evangelical tradition . I have come to enjoy working in this environment and perhaps i will share more of the origins of these principles and how they have helped me flourish in my life and ministry.

The book is published by Jessica Kingsley and is available from all the usual stockists.  If you order from the publishers website and use the code Y15 you can get a 10% discount.


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