Wondering Wednesdays – doing practical theology

Bude cairns

One of yesterday’s tasks was working on a new module for next year – Foundations in Theology and Reflective Practice and one of the tasks was to think a little about how I understand practical theology. It is an area where I have read widely and have written chunks about it in my thesis as I looked to develop a practical theology methodology for my research. Today I want to share one of the definitions that I have explored which encapsulates why I am drawn to it as a discipline:
practical theologians are unapologetic change agents. Much of our work aims at critically assessing what is destructive and diminishing of our lives and what can be changed in order that individuals, communities or societies can strive toward a more just common good (Cahalan and Mikoski 2014:6).

Reading this definition then makes me think about what it is we are trying to do at Hodge Hill Church where I am a Curate – we are practical theologians trying to bring something of God into our lives and into our communities.  It is what we hope that MCYM students are doing too – making a difference in a world which needs change.


Cahalan, K. A. & Mikoski, G. S. (2014).  Opening the Field of Practical Theology.

Plymouth:  Rowman and Littlefield.


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